It's all about the content. Customers have movie content on DVDs and Blu-rays and they are looking for a simple, reliable and cost effective way of managing this through their Control4 system. They want accurate metadata lookup for all of their content instantly, not via an overnight scan.

Control4 Movie Management

Control4 has a movie database system built in. It can display cover-art, synopsis and other movie details. Movies can be listed by title, director, actor and genre.

OutClass Server

Step forward OutClass Server.

The Control 4 integration with the OutClass Server server provides massive enhancements to the process.

  • OutClass Server scans all media types – CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-rays.
  • OutClass Server will constantly monitor movie locations.
  • OutClass Server does all the ‘heavy lifting’ of looking up the meta data from the Internet
  • OutClass Server metadata is highly accurate and detailed and will match what is shown on the disc cover.
  • The Control4 driver has a very low processor overhead and constantly monitors OutClass Server for new information.
  • New movie information will be on your customers touch panels and C4 mobile Apps within 60 seconds using Control4 movie database.
  • No restrictions on Blu-ray format ripping for reliable playback.

Customers select movies from Control4 and these can then be played on supported players:

  • Popbox
  • Popcorn Hour
  • Windows Media Center (My Movies plugin)
  • Dune

Rip, Tag Play

Providing a movie mangement and playback solution for your customer can be defined as Rip, Tag, Play.

  • Rip the movie onto the OutClass Server
  • Tag the movie with the correct metadata - OutClass Server and this driver do this
  • Play the movie on a playback device - We have drivers for a number of cost effective players.

Designing a system using Control4 to provide these features is simpler than you may think. Extra Vegetables provided a simple design guide that will take you step-by-step through the process.