Network Player

Depending on which network player / streamer you use with the OutClass Server the setup is very straight forward, all you need is a wired network (we recommend a 1gb switch) plugged into your choice of network player making sure it is on the same network as the server, then point your players software to the OutClass Server usually either the Videos folder or the music folder, if you are using the AppleTV then you will need to configure the AppleTV and the OutClass Server with your apple ID to enable home sharing facility using itunes, we are here to help you through those steps.


The AppleTV does NOT have to be jailbroken to work with this system, it is just a case of switching on the homesharing to get yourself a reliable server to store all your movies, music and photos to work with the AppleTV.  Because we don't hack and jailbreak, there is a home sharing limit of 5 Apple TVs that can play back the content at any one time.






*please note that conversion to Apple TV format on TV shows and box sets does not work as well as we would like and we would advise to use a player that plays the uncompressed TV shows like the Dune player.